Tour Museum Vleeshuis

Our guides will take your group on a fascinating journey through the museum.

600 years of music and dance

Take a guided tour through six centuries of music life in the city of Antwerp.
Find out more about the magnificent collection of music instruments and the people behind these instruments: the builders, the musicians and the collectors. We will immerse you in the stories of the speellieden or town musicians, show you how music instruments are built, take you to the very first balls and opera performances ... and above all, we will make sure that you can enjoy a lot of really beautiful sounds.

Practical details

  • the tour takes approx. 120 minutes
  • max. 15 participants per group
  • guide: € 85 (+ € 5 administrative fee)
  • admission tot the museum: €5 / €3 / €0 (see: practical information)

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